Money-Back Guarantee

Limited Money-Back Guarantee
If the user of a SurroSense Rx system ulcerates while properly using the product, Orpyx will provide reimbursement. Reimbursement is for pro-rated value of the system over the first year of ownership. Claims can be submitted via Orpyx Customer Care, subject to conditions below.

Money-Back Guarantee is valid for the useful life of the participant’s first set of inserts, valid from the date of purchase, or 500,000 steps under normal use, whichever comes first. Participant must be compliant in their use of the product, meaning they must:

  • be under the care of a healthcare professional;
  • exhibit no evidence of tissue breakdown or ulceration when beginning use of the SurroSense Rx system as confirmed by their healthcare professional;
  • maintain a minimum average daily use of 7 hours per day;
  • maintain a minimum of 75% of alerts effectively offloaded;
  • upload data via Orpyx Connect™ website a minimum of every once every 4 weeks; and
  • perform the required maintenance of the SurroSense Rx system’s calibration a minimum of once every 4 weeks.

For more information, please contact:

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U.S. Patent No. 9,778,131 B2 - October 2017
U.S. Patent No. D740,950 S - October 2015
Australia Patent No. 2011320072 - May 2016
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New Zealand Patent No. 611197 - November 2015

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