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Limb loss isn’t inevitable.
Help prevent diabetic foot ulcers
and track progress.

How sensory loss can affect your life

Sensory loss

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy leads to a disconnect between the information produced by the pressure on someone’s feet and that their brain recognizes is happening.

Dangerous pressure

An inability to recognize the pressure being placed upon the feet can create the conditions for serious problems.

Foot ulcers

Diabetic foot lesions are responsible for more hospitalizations than any other complication of diabetes.


Up to 1% of diabetic patients will lose a limb as a result of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The results can be catastrophic.

Saving Limbs,
Extending Lives.

The SurroSense Rx® system is a FDA-cleared foot sensor technology that helps people prevent diabetic foot wounds. The SurroSense Rx ultra-thin shoe insoles predict risks to foot health and relay alerts to a smartwatch.


Comfortable sensor-embedded shoe inserts capture pressure data from the user’s feet while they go about their normal day.


The pressure data is then wirelessly transmitted from the shoe inserts to a smartwatch.


Your smartwatch alerts you when dangerous time and pressure levels are detected, so you can modify behavior and avoid damage.


Track progress using digital charts and data with a personalized Orpyx Connect account.

Don’t take our word for it.

Patients and physicians have great things to say about the freedom SurroSense Rx provides.

“I am thrilled at the prospect of using the SurroSense Rx in my patients. The idea that this device could, in essence, give back one of the missing senses in diabetics is truly amazing. I can obviously see how this would prevent wounds and amputations but the idea that this technology could be used in other areas such as prosthetics and even balance proprioception is exciting.”

Jeffrey Martone


“Throughout my time with the SurroSense foot insole, I found it to be a well working product that required little upkeep – just the charging of the watch and shoe pods. The alerts were a cool way to help identify when I needed to change up my stance and the pressure on my foot,” states Darryl. “The most helpful thing I have gained from this product is more awareness to the pressure I am putting on my foot and have now got a better internal gauge of when I need to shift positions.”


21 years old

“Wearing the inserts has conditioned me to wiggle my toes and change position of my feet more frequently than I had before. I’ve also noticed less pain and swelling in my feet which I believe can be attributed to improving my circulation through wearing my shoes fitted with the Orpyx system.


88 years old

Actively monitor your feet for dangerous pressure conditions

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